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Workmanship Warranty

Coverage period: The workmanship warranty covers issues arising from mistakes, errors, or substandard craftsmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of completion.


Warranty details 


  • Workmanship warranty covers any repairs, replacements or corrections due to defective construction.

  • 14er Exteriors must be given the initial opportunity to address any  repairs, replacements, or corrections due to defective construction at no cost to  the owner within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Normal wear and tear are not covered.

  • Damages caused by improper maintenance are not covered. 

  • Construction work that has been exposed to accidents, misuse, or abuse are not covered.

  • Construction work that has been modified, altered, defaced, or subjected to repairs made and/or attempted by individuals other than 14er Exteriors are not covered.


Claim Process

  • Notification: Homeowners must notify 14er Exteriors LLC promptly upon discovery of any defects covered by this warranty. You may do this by contacting your consultant, main office, or submitting a ticket on our website via the warranty tab. Online submission is preferred

  • Inspection: A representative from 14er Exteriors LLC will inspect the report issue to verify eligibility under the warranty.

    • For emergencies: Within 24 hours of notification

    • For non-emergencies: Within 3-5 Business days of notification

  • Resolution: Upon verification, repairs or replacements will be scheduled at a mutually agreed-upon time. 

    • For emergencies: Temporary repairs may be performed during inspection to mitigate damages.


This workmanship warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the property and is subject to the following conditions

  • Notification Requirement

  • Transfer fee $100

    • To complete administrative paperwork and perform a full inspection. 

  • New homeowner acceptance of terms and conditions

Procedure for Transfer

To initiate the transfer of the workmanship warrant, please contact us so we can gather the necessary details and schedule a full inspection. Upon receipt of the transfer request and fee, 14er Exteriors will process the warranty and transfer and notify both parties once the transfer is complete. 

Important Note

Failure to comply with the transfer procedures outlined above may result in the warranty becoming null and void for subsequent owners.

Extended Warranty

Some products may qualify for extended warranty coverage and will be presented at point of sale if available for purchase.

Terms and Conditions

  • Compliance: Property owners must comply with all terms and conditions outlined in the warranty for claims to be valid.

  • Voidance: Warranty will be voided if a remaining balance is on the account.

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