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Meet Krista Williams-Vohs

Operations Manager

Krista Williams-Vohs is the Operations Manager at 14er Exteriors. With a decade of experience in the Solar and Roofing industry, Krista is deeply committed to upholding high standards, evident through her exceptional dedication to customer service. Her proactive approach to enhancing the customer experience underscores her role as a driving force for positive change within the organization. Krista's unwavering responsiveness to customer inquiries and her knack for swiftly addressing concerns reflect her steadfast dedication to meeting their needs promptly and effectively.

A native of Denver, Colorado, Krista finds joy in the outdoors, often spending her free time gardening or playing disc golf alongside her three canine companions. Armed with a Biology degree earned in 2014, Krista's wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the Solar industry enriches the team's capabilities, making her an invaluable asset to 14er Exteriors.


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